How to Activate ESPN On Smart TV

Keeping the comfort of users in mind, ESPN has made its services available for streaming on your smart devices. The application facilitates the process of live streaming to ensure users have access to the various ESPN shows. You can watch live streaming events from ESPN, as well as the shows available on ESPN and ESPN+ networks. However, users first need to activate ESPN to avail all the services.

Steps to Activate ESPN

  1. Launch the ESPN app on your Smart TV.
  2. Select the subscription plan you want.
  3. Make a note of the Activation Code that follows.
  4. With the help of any web browser, go to the official website of ESPN (
  5. Enter the Activation Code that you received in the relevant field on the site.
  6. Click on the Continue option.
  7. Log in to your existing ESPN account or sign up for one.
  8. That’s it! Your subscription has been successfully linked.

If you are unable to activate ESPN or move on from the activation page, follow the instructions listed on the troubleshooting page to get past the problem. Alternately, you can also follow the guide present on to easily stream live ESPN sporting events and other shows.

Verifying Qualification for ESPN Activation

For devices such as Amazon Fire Tv, Roku TV, Streaming Devices, Android TV, Apple TV, Vizio TV, Xbox One, and other Android and iOS devices, you can follow the steps listed in the next section before beginning the procedure of activating the ESPN application.How to Activate ESPN

ESPN’s on-demand and U.S. Network live streaming shows are available only to those who have subscribed to and completed the activation process for ESPN. Activation can be completed through the user’s pay-TV provider with the help of the official site (

Remember to reach out to your service provider before initiating the ESPN activation process, to ensure that you have all the required access for the process to go smoothly. Post the confirmation from your service provider you can begin with the activation process. Once the activation process is complete, you can enjoy all the content provided by ESPN.

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Steps to Activate ESPN on Roku Device

You can activate the ESPN app through any streaming device easily. Locate the ESPN app in the sports category of your streaming devices’ catalog. You can also find the ESPN app on the home screen of your Roku device. Follow the steps listed below to activate ESPN on your Roku device.

  1. Switch on your Roku device.
  2. Once the device is on, press the Home button on the remote of the device.
  3. The left-hand side of the screen has various options. Select the Roku channel store from there and press enter.
  4. A search option is available on the screen. Press it to search for ESPN.
  5. Alternately, you can also use the search bar. Type ESPN in the search bar and press OK on the Roku remote when you locate the channel.
  6. Click on the Add Channel option and then press OK.
  7. Once the channel has been added to your Roku device, you can enjoy the content available.

Another method of activating ESPN on your Roku device is adding the ESPN service from the channel store available at the official website of Roku.

  1. On your computer or mobile phone, open up any web browser.
  2. Enter the following website in the search bar:
  3. Press enter to open the channel store.
  4. Click on the Add Channel option to add ESPN to your Roku device.
  5. Log into your Roku account to complete the activation process ( .

Steps to Activate ESPN+ on Amazon Fire TV

  1. Open the ESPN application on your Amazon Fire TV.
  2. Open up the list of your subscriptions.
  3. From the list select ESPN+.
  4. Click on the Login option.
  5. Through any browser, open up
  6. Enter the Activation Code when prompted.
  7. Click on the Continue option.
  8. Now you can enjoy ESPN+ on your Amazon Fire TV as well.

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