How to Activate FOX – Step by Step Guide

If you wish to activate FOX on your smart device but are clueless about where to begin, this guide is the perfect primer for you. By following steps listed in this guide you can easily connect your smart device to FOX and watch your favorite shows.

Before installing anything on your device, complete these preparatory steps:

  • Through the internet browser on your device (mobile phone/tablet/computer) open
  • Once the site loads, enter the code that was provided with your connected smart device.
  • You might be asked to login with the credentials associated with the tV supplier of your connected device.

Where to Enter Activation Code?

  1. Once you open the FOX NOW application on your smart device and select the ACTIVATE TV option, a code will be displayed on the screen.
  2. Note down the code and go to through your mobile device.
  3. Enter the code that you have along with your paid TV provider ID and the secret key.

How to Sign into FOX on Connected Devices

  1. Sign in or create a profile on your connected device.
  2. On a separate device (mobile phone/tablet/PC) open any internet browser.
  3. Open up on this device and enter the FOX Activation Code. If you are using your mobile phone, you can scan the QR code displayed as well.
  4. The option to Make Your Profile will be displayed once you have entered the Activation Code. You can develop your own profile here.
  5. Once you finish building your profile, a prompt for signing into the same will be shown.
  6. A thank you message for signing up will be displayed on both your cellular device and the connected device.
  7. You are now signed in and can start enjoying your favorite programmes.How to Activate FOX

How to Watch FOX on Mobile Devices

  1. Head over to
  2. Login to the portal or choose the Make Your Profile option.
  3. Select the Mobile App option when prompted.
  4. Open or download the FOX NOW program on your mobile device.
  5. Once you have your profile up and running, you’ll receive a message on the screen, stating, ‘Harness to Sign into a FOX NOW TV program’.
  6. If you have not set up your profile the displayed message will read ‘Harness to Produce Your Profile’.
  7. From the homepage of the app sign into your profile or create an account to enjoy your favorite programs.

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How to Sign Into FOX Sport on FOX Account

  1. Open up on your device.
  2. From the menu bar at the side select the option to Sign In.
  3. Then click on the TV Provider Sign In option.
  4. Using the search option look for your TV Provider.
  5. Login with the Username and Password given by your TV Provider. That’s it, you are ready to enjoy your FOX channels!

How to Create a FOX Profile on FOX Sports

  1. On your Google Chrome browser open up
  2. Click on the Sign In option present in the mid-left section of the screen.
  3. Select the ‘Sign Up’ option.
  4. Fill in all the relevant information asked in the form.
  5. Upon the completion of the form, you will be automatically signed in.

How to Download FOX App on Roku

  1. Press the home button present on the remote control of your Roku TV to reach the primary display of your Roku device.
  2. Scroll the screen to reach the option of Streaming Channels and launch the Channel Store.
  3. At the top of the channel Store, you will find a list containing featured channel groups.
  4. Choose the Search Stations option and look for FOX Country, FOX Sports, or FOX NOW.
  5. Set up the FOX Program on your device by clicking on the Insert Channel option.
  6. Click on the FOX Program tile.
  7. Use your personal account and password to sign up and watch your favorite programs on FOX.

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How to Download FOX App on FireTV

  1. Open up the ‘Home’ screen and click on the App Shop icon.
  2. Instruct the device to find the FOX Program you wish to view or search for it using the Hunt option at the top of the display screen.
  3. When you locate the FOX Program, press the Get Program button.
  4. Then click on the Download button to install the program on your device.
  5. Press on the FOX Program tile.
  6. Use your personal account and password to sign up and watch your favorite programs on FOX.

Following this guide will help you access your favorite FOX programs on any device of your choice.

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