How to Activate DisneyNow on Roku and Android Device

Just think of having all of your favorite Disney TV shows, games as well as DCOMs all together in a single place. Isn’t it something that you have been looking or waiting for? if you confirm in the affirmative, you have got to activate DisneyNow at using a streaming platform.  This article will make sure you go through each and every step and method to stream your favorite content on various streaming devices which includes iOS, Apple TV, Android, Kindle, Roku, Desktop Browser, Mobile Browsers, Operating Systems and Samsung Smart TV.

What is DisneyNow?

DisneyNow is a TV Everywhere application for channels like Disney Junior, Disney Channel and Disney XD. The parent company of it is Disney Branded Television (Disney General Entertainment Content) and is styled as DisneyNow. Named as DisneyNow, it has replaced the individual “Watch” apps in 2017.

DisneyNow allows its subscribers or users to stream full episodes, create a custom viewing experience for kids via Disney Junior Mode, customize their experience, watch all the latest and classic movies including Descendants 2 and many more. You can even enjoy watching the diverse DisneyNow collections of music videos, clips as well as various funny shorts.

DisneyNow Supported Device

Are you wondering about the devices that are compatible or supported by DisneyNow to stream their content? Here they are, a list of all the device that supports DisneyNow.How to Activate DisneyNow

Take a close look at the list given below. The list of compatible devices is as follow:

  1. Roku: Roku HD – 2500X, Roku 1 – 2710X, Roku LT – models 2400X, 2450X, 2700X, Roku 2 HD – 3000X, Roku 2 – 2720X, Roku 2 XS – 3100X, Roku 2 XD – 3050X, Roku 4 – 4400R, Roku 3 – 4200X, Roku Express – 3700, Roku Premiere – 4620, Roku Express Plus – 3710, Roku Ultra – 4640, Roku Premiere Plus – 4630, Roku Streaming Stick (Black) – 3420X, Roku Streaming Stick (Purple) – 3400X, Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI) – 3500X and Roku TV.
  2. iOS: iPhone 5s (or later), iPad 5th Gen (or later) and iPod Touch 6th Gen (or later).
  3. Apple TV: New Apple TV (4th Gen)
  4. Kindle: Kindle Fire HD (2013) – must be updated to OS 5, Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (2013) – must be updated to OS 5, Kindle Fire HDX (2013) – must be updated to OS 5, Kindle Fire HD 7 (2014), Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (2014), Kindle Fire HD 6 (2014), Fire HD 8 (2017), Kindle HD 8 (2015), Fire HD 10 (2015), Fire (2015), Fire HD 8 (2016) and Fire 7 (2017)
  5. Android: All Android TV-connected devices and smart TV devices with OS Android Lollipop 5.0 Plus and Any mobile devices on OS 5 and above
  6. Desktop Browsers: Microsoft Edge 16 and above, Google Chrome 63 and above (latest Chrome version), Mozilla Firefox 58 and above (latest Firefox version) and Safari 11 and above (latest Safari version)
  7. Operating Systems: Windows and Mac OSX
  8. Mobile Browsers: Android – Chrome 64 (latest version) and iOS – Safari 10.3 and above (latest version)
  9. Samsung Smart TV’s: Tizen

How To Use DisneyNow?

As far from now, you got to know a rough idea about DisneyNow and the devices that are compatible device. But not only you need a compatible device, but also you must have a good high speed broadband internet connection (if you are located within the country and U.S. territories). Also, make sure that Disney XD, Disney Junior and Disney Channel are a part of your package from participating TV provider and your subscription is in good standing, in order to have access to more features.

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Why Do You Need a Disney Activation Code?

In order to watch your favourite content on DisneyNow, you need to complete the activation process and for that you must receive a 7-digit activation code and fill it in the desired field using the official website that is You can access the given page via your smartphone or computer.

How to Activate DisneyNow on Your Device

It is time to stream all the amazing content that DisneyNow has to provide to you and that you wish to watch with your kids. In order to do so, just make sure that you are signed in to your TV provider. For that you must have an active account on DisneyNow. Just after selecting your TV provider, one after another instruction will appear on the screen of your mobile or computer or any device with which you are logging to verify your account. After this you will receive an activation code which needs to be verified in the later stage of activation process.

The activation process of DisneyNow on any compatible device is easy, all you need is to follow the given instructions properly. You are required to direct to the official website of DisneyNow via the given link that is and then fill in the activation code. If the activation is successful then it will prompt you to sign in with your TV provider. A ‘Congratulations’ message will bump into your screen and your device will be all set to go. Now, let’s jump straight in to the steps on how to activate DisneyNow on some of the supported devices and enjoy streaming some of your favourite content.

Activate DisneyNow on Roku Using

To activate DisneyNow on your Roku device just follow the given steps. Go according to the steps that are mentioned below carefully and your activation will be done smoothly. Steps are as follow:

  1. First of all, start your Roku device and sign in to a participating TV provider account.
  2. Now, via the Roku’s Channel Store get the DisneyNow app just by clicking on the button “Add Channel”.
  3. Open the app in order to receive the 7-digit activation code.
  4. With the help of some other device that is via a smart phone or computer, open up browser and direct to
  5. Enter the activation code that was provided earlier when asked to.
  6. Now, all you have to do is to click on “Continue” to activate the channel and sit back enjoy watching Disney on your Roku.

You can now stream all of your favourite content on Disney without any interruptions. If you have any other device that is compatible then, you can still refer these above-mentioned steps to activate DisneyNow since they are more or less same.

Activate DisneyNow on Android TV

To activate DisneyNow on your Android TV go through the steps thoroughly. Activation process is no big task if you carefully follow these steps. Steps to activate are as follow:

  1. Open your Android TV and with the help of Google Play Store get the DisneyNow app on your TV, by pressing OK button.
  2. Now, launch the app so as to receive the 7-digit activation code.
  3. Open up a browser and direct to
  4. Fill up the activation code that was provided earlier and click on “Continue” to activate the channel and now you can sit back and enjoy watching your favorite content on Disney on your TV.

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How to Fix Disney Code Issues?

Some issues or sort of problems you may have to face with your Disney activation code. If you encounter any issue, just check whether you have entered the correct code or check upon your internet connection and just make ensure that you are directing to the correct official page or the website.

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